we produce

…complete „Media-Packages“ for your purpose and  your media material: Radio, Webradio, Online-Tourism and Newssites, Original Soundbites, Reports, Text assisting AudioWebsites and Textreports for Online- and Printmedia, completing our service with Photos and short Videoclips.

we are specialized…

On Location

…on Travel- and Tourismreports and Promos. If you have other needs, please just talk to us.We do Research, Consulting, Mentoring and Producing. Our Firstclass-Product fits into high-quality Journalism. There is no difference, if we work on our own reason or producing products for you. We don’t do advertising or commercials. We do research on location and realizes your reports in its own studio. We realize PR-Reports in order of „Tourism-Service-Providers“ based on journalistic standards. Of course we harmonize them to your needs. We discuss the producibility of message and news with every client as part of a contract, before we start working. – Strategic Purpose to do this, is to guarantee that the product fits into both, PR-Message and reliable Information.




Please contact us:  info(at)ttb-media.com

Interviewing Brian Said of PHL CVB during ITB in Berlin.